Exclusive Meal Prep Full Subscription

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In this amazing oversized one-of-a-kind box you will receive the following products:

  • 6 soup mixes
  • 4 breakfast mixes
  • 2 low sodium bbq dry rub
  • 3 luxury loose leaf tea blends
  • 2 flavoured coffee/hot chocolate mixes
  • 2 cookie mixes
  • grocery list of necessary wet ingredients (and meat options)
  • guidelines and tips
  • FAQ sheet

I am excited to provide healthy meal bases for today’s busy families, working couples and singles; and those who just don’t like to cook, or get anxiety just thinking about it. Why stress over something that every one of us has to do multiple times, every day of our lives? Let’s simplify.

The easy to follow instructions provided turns a mountain into a mole hill when having to prepare your meal selection. Simply grab the necessary ingredients and follow along. I promise you, the stove/oven will do the rest!

You can choose when and how often to cook/bake the products over the course of the month. My idea was this:

  • choose 1 soup mix mid week and 1 on the weekend
    • use leftovers for lunches during the week
  • choose 1 breakfast mix at the beginning of each week
    • enjoy leftovers, or freeze for snacks or the weekend
  • the dry rubs can be resealed and stored in a cool, dry place
    • use on your meat of choice; or sprinkle on veggies or potatoes
    • use as much, or as little, as you like
  • try 1 new tea blend each week, or mix them up
  • cookies are good at your convenience

Encourage helpers with all parts of meal time! My children love to help prep a meal, and they usually take full credit for the end product 😉

My wish is to take the busy out of one area of our lives. Why not the kitchen? Enjoy the moments, enjoy the food more. But enjoy the ones you love the most!

To complete your order, $1 will be added by Canada Post when choosing the shipping option. This has already been deducted in your coupon savings! I can’t wait for your to receive your subscription box. Thank you for trusting More Than Just Soups to be a part of your kitchen!

For any questions, please contact me at masonjardelectables@gmail.com.