Who truly believes that change can also make you stronger; change can be so rewarding; change can be the ultimate turn-point of your existence? I DO!! It turns out that my husband’s notice that his employers were closing their doors at the end of June 2018 was the best day of our lives. Did we think that in November 2017 when all of the employers were given the news? OMG, NO!!!! Did we think that in December all the way to May 2018? Absolutely NOT!! So what changed?
Along with my husband’s perseverance, I went from selling cookie mixes in mason jars to friends for teacher and Christmas gifts, to also creating a line of soup mixes for the same. Then an idea was born. I created a business name and page. I looked up more ideas for mason jars. Then my flavoured hot chocolates and coffee drinks were born. I continued to look up ideas. Then my doggy biscuit mixes were created. Still, I looked up more ideas. Then my BBQ dry rubs were initiated. Did I stop there? NO! I recently purchased a Loose Leaf Tea company and offer over 60+ blends of natural teas.
Will I stop there? Probably not. Hoping to add Catnip Treats.
I love what I do. I love to provide for others. I love doing business with my friends, and new friends. For people I may never meet, but knowing a smile has crossed their lips when they receive a gift from Seana’s Delectables.
Enjoy and I hope to meet each and every one of you along my journey. I love you all!
Seana Uong

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