Black Bean Soup Mix – Mild Heat – Vegan


The gentle heat of this timeless soup requires nothing more than a dollop of sour cream and a few slices of avocado!

Or, a more traditional style is to serve with an equal portion of rice. The blend infuses the heat and adds that extra bit of texture. This 500mL size is perfect for a small get together of 6-8.

Ingredients: Turtle black beans, cumin, onion flakes, mild chilli powder, garlic powder, celery seed, bay leaf, veggie bouillon.

Shelf life of opened jar is up to one year. Shelf life once pouch is opened is up to one year.

Available in the traditional mason jar for local pick up. Empty jars can be returned for a credit value of $0.25 each.

All shipped orders will be packaged in the shippable pouch.

Weight 495 g
Dimensions 8.2 × 5.2 × 1.5 in
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