Exclusive Tea Club Subscription

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In this amazing subscription, you will receive 4 different luxury loose leaf tea blends each month. As well, I will include a little note with unique characteristics and benefits for each blend, best time of day to consume and more.

If you are familiar with Gypsy Soul Tea Co., I acquired the business in June, 2019. The best decision EVER!

My teas are all natural and are made from the highest quality of leaves. Luxury isn’t just in the description. There are so many varieties of tea bases. We carry black, white, green, red (rooibos), fruit, herbal, health & wellness and seasonal blends that are all available year round in my extensive line of 65+ varieties.

Enjoy your teas in the morning, following lunch, a mid-afternoon cuppa, an after dinner delight or as a calming end to your evening.

My wish is to share my gorgeous blends of teas with as many people as possible around the globe. In doing so, I wish to create a positive following and then eventually create a customizable autoship for each customer. Taste buds change during the course of the year. Winter months we tend to favour rich, warm – even spicy – teas. Summer months bring on the fruity blends that are great both hot or cold brewed. Good to the last drop!

To complete your order, $1 will be added by Canada Post when choosing the shipping option. This has been deducted already in your coupon savings! I can’t wait for your to receive your tea package. Thank you for trusting More Than Just Soups to provide you with the highest of quality in your daily cuppa!

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